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Defense technology company plans heads-up-display glasses for cycling

Published November 19, 2015

HAIFA, Israel (BRAIN) — A new company, Everysight, has been spun-off from an Israel-based defense technology company and plans to launch a heads-up-display sunglass for cycling next year.

The company's first product is set to be a cycling sunglass called the Raptor. Product details are sparse, but the company said the glass uses low-profile mirroring technology to make cycling data visible directly on the lens, similar to technology that pilots have used for decades. The technology differs from products like the Recon Jet, which uses a tiny display screen at the edge of the user's vision.

In company videos, the Raptor displays typical cycling data such as speed, power, cadence and distance. It says the system eliminates the distraction and vision obscuring of display elements. The company did not say how the Raptor will link to other devices, what it will cost, how it will be distributed or when it will be available, beyond saying it will launch in 2016. The company said it will have an open program for the developer community.

Everysight was spun out of Elbit Systems, which claims to be the largest defense technology company in Israel. Elbit is traded on Nasdaq under the ESLT symbol. 

"We have more than 30 years of experience and dominate the market in vision systems and augmented reality, integrating real-time data in pilots' helmets to optimize performance and keep pilots safe and focused on what matters," said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Everysight. "Now we're bringing this experience to the consumer market with smartglasses that will revolutionize how athletes see and experience information. Raptor is the first step in our greater plan to create a full line of smartglasses."


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