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Cycliq releases new versions of its Fly12 and Fly6 bike camera/lights

Published November 15, 2017

PERTH, Australia (BRAIN) — Cycliq has made two additions to its line of integrated bike camera and light devices: the front-facing Fly12 CE (Connected Edition) and rear-facing Fly6 CE. The new models, available Nov. 30, are smaller and lighter than previous models, and offer wireless connectivity features via ANT+ and Bluetooth.


The units can be connected to a Garmin head unit with ANT+, allowing the rider to adjust functions through the Garmin. With Bluetooth, the lights can be controlled with a smart phone app.

The Fly 12 CE is 3.1 ounces lighter than its previous version, while the Fly 6 CE is 0.9 ounces lighter. The cameras have a new 135-degree lens, a step up from the current Fly6 100-degree lens. 

The cameras offer HD looping video with audio and automatic incident footage preservation. Both models record 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second. The new models have a 6-axis stabilization feature for improve footage stability.

In addition to the new Fly devices, Cycliq has broadened its accessories range with multiple mounting solutions for all cyclists, including the Duo Mount and Telescopic Mount. They are also equipped with a built-in bike alarm, which flashes and automatically starts recording any incident, while alerting the user's smartphone via the app if the bike has been moved or tampered with.

Chris Singleton, executive chairman of Cycliq, said: "The success of the current models showed us the demand for an integrated bike camera and light product, and with customer feedback and evolving consumer tech standards, it was the natural progression to develop these new CE versions. Both products are feature-rich; perfect for commuters and road cyclists during both day and night, and for action-seekers after the perfect video from their ride."


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