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Merry Sales helps bring back the Eagle 2-speed coaster brake hub

Published March 17, 2021
UPDATES pricing and model descriptions.

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — The Merry Sales Company worked with International Cycle Gears of India to produce the Eagle brand 2-speed coaster brake hub, which is based on the original specs and design of the Bendix 2-speed coaster brake hubs. 

Merry will distribute the hubs to dealers and distributors and will also conduct OEM sales and service.

International Cycle Gears of India has manufactured hubs and other parts for the last 25 years. B.B. Lall, the president of International Cycle Gears, has worked on the Eagle 2-speed coaster hub project for many years; first with Mark Worksman, and later with The Merry Sales Co. International Cycle Gears has a long history of collaborating with Mark Worksman when Worksman was president of Bendix USA. 

After Worksman died in 2019, The Merry Sales Co. took over the project.

"We wanted to honor Mark's memory by completing this project. 2-speed hubs are manufactured as per the original specs and design of Bendix, so that all the small spare parts would be fully compatible with the original Bendix-made hubs. We've accomplished Mark's goal," says Jim Porter, the president of The Merry Sales Co.

The hubs come with Blue and Yellow bands, like the original. The yellow band hubs have a low gear: 1 sprocket turn for .67 hub turn to go up hills easier. High gear is 1:1. The blue band has 1:1 low gear, and high is overdrive: 1 sprocket turn for 1.5 hub turn.

MSRP is expected to be $119.99. All small parts are available.

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