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JetBlack lowers price of its trainer to match Zwift

Published September 13, 2022

DURANGO, Colo. (BRAIN) — Australian trainer brand JetBlack has lowered the retail price of its Volt trainer to $499 to match the new Zwift Hub trainer, which JetBlack manufactures.

The Volt's retail price was previously $899 in the U.S. (1,200 Australian dollars). 

"JetBlack will continue manufacturing and developing trainers and trainer accessories under the JetBlack Brand. The Volt and other products are available in the USA on Amazon or via We will also continue to work with our US and Global partners and all platforms," said JetBlack's Murray Healey. 

Last year JetBlack set up JetBlack Cycling USA in Durango, Colorado. The office is run by David Siegrist and handles all logistics and customer support for the U.S. market.

"We understand it will take time to build our brand, but with our story and range of trainers and accessories, we are confident of a strong future in the U.S.," Healey said. 

The JetBlack Volt smart trainer.

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