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Trek, Scott recalling 125k bikes because of problem with SR Suntour fork

Published June 26, 2014
Trek has received 28 reports of broken forks.

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Trek and Scott are each recalling thousands of mid-priced bikes sold between 2010 and 2013 because of concerns about the SR Suntour suspension forks used on the bikes.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Scott is recalling 5,200 bikes and Trek is recalling 120,000 bikes. Scott has received one report of a broken SR Suntour fork with no injuries reported. Trek has received 28 reports of broken forks with five injuries reported, including minor bruises, a separated shoulder and broken bones.

Consumers are being told to immediately stop using the bikes and to bring them to a Scott or Trek dealer for a free repair.  

A Trek safety notice indicates that the problem is with the fork dropouts breaking. In some fork models, the danger of breaking can be eliminated by use of a special front quick release with extra washers positioned between the quick release and the dropouts. The problem with other fork models can only be rectified by replacement of the fork's lower legs or entire fork.

According to the CPSC, Scott bikes with NEX model forks and Trek bikes with NEX, XCM or XCT model forks can be repaired, apparently with the special quick release. Scott bikes with NCX model forks get a replacement of the lower legs. Trek is replacing the relevant NRX model forks with RST Vita forks.

The recall affects bikes with models years 2011, 2012, and 2013. They sold for between $470 and $1,370. The forks were made in Taiwan and China.

Scott also is recalling some electric bikes with the relevant forks; the e-bikes apparently were not sold in the U.S. because they are not listed on the CPSC recall notice. The Scott e-bikes are the E-Sportster, Venture, E-Venture and Atacama models with disc brakes (see Scott's recall FAQ pdf).

In 2012, Trek, Giant and GT recalled about 17,000 bikes because of a problem with SR Suntour forks. That recall was related to reported failures of the forks' inner tubes.

The affected bikes

The following Scott bicycles with Suntour forks are being recalled in the U.S.: 

Scott Model Name Model Year and Color Fork Model
Sportster 10 Men 2011 (black/white/gold) NCX
Sportster 10 Solution 2011 (black/white/gold) NCX
Sportster 25 Men 2011 (white/brown/black) NCX
Sportster 25 Solution 2011 (white/red/orange) NCX
Sportster 30 Men 2011 (grey/white); 2012 (white/black/grey/gold) NEX
Sportster 30 Solution 2011 (black/white/grey) NEX
Sportster 55 Lady 2011 (black/white/gold); 2012 (white/purple) NEX
Sportster 55 Men 2011 (black/white/orange) NEX
Sportster X30 Men 2013 (black/white/grey/red) NEX
Sportster X30 Solution 2013 (black/blue/grey) NEX
Sportster X40 Men 2013 (black/white/blue) NEX
Sportster X50 Men 2013 (grey/white/black) NEX
Sportster X50 Lady 2013 (white/grey) NEX

The following Trek models are being recalled. Treks with a serial number ending in F, G or H should be taken to the dealer for inspection. The serial number is on the frame under the bottom bracket. 

Trek Model Name Model Year Fork Model
8.3 DS 2012 and 2013 NEX
8.4 DS 2012 and 2013 NRX
8.5 DS 2012 and 2013 NRX
8.6 DS 2013 NRX
Cali 2013 XCM
Marlin and Marlin SS 2011 XCT
Marlin 2012 and 2013 XCM
Marlin SS 2012 XCM
Montare 2011 NRX
Neko SL 2012 and 2013 NRX
Utopia 2011 NRX
Wahoo 2011 XCM
Wahoo 2012 and 2013 XCT

Dealer responsibilities

Trek is telling its dealers to check their inventory for any bikes with the affected forks. The company is reimbursing dealers $5 for swapping out the special quick release and $15 for swapping forks on affected bikes. In a email to dealers, the company said it had no inventory of bikes with the affected forks. Trek is sending its dealers a poster regarding the email that dealers are being asked to display for at least 120 days. 

More information: CPSC recall notice. Also see Trek and Scott recall documents, with links below the photo gallery.

The 2011 Scott Sportster Men is one of the models being recalled.

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