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Giant Touring Country, Touting Suspension

Published October 16, 2007

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)–Trucking more than 100 Maestro suspension mountain bikes across the country in two large trailers to demo sites in eight different cities in five weeks may sound like a daunting task, but the crew of Giant Bicycle’s “Ride Maestro Tour” isn’t phased one bit.

The first stop on the tour has just finished in Boulder, CO where more than 60 Giant retailers from Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming gathered to learn the advantages of the Maestro suspension on award-winning bikes like the all-new 5-inch travel Trance X0.

Retailers were also able to meet with Giant Bicycle general manager Elysa Walk and other members of the company’s senior management team. And, of course, the retailers got to ride on Maestro bikes on the trails around Boulder. Joining retailers were U.S. National MTB Champion Adam Craig, his Giant teammate Kelli Emmett and freeride legend Jeff Lenosky.

Mike Maxwell, owner of Arapahoe Cyclery in Littleton, CO was one Giant retailer in attendance.

”It was wonderful—very informative. I got the most out of the ‘Suspension Report Card,’” said Maxwell, referring to a PowerPoint presentation to retailers comparing Giant’s Maestro suspension technology to the suspensions of other major bicycle manufacturers. “It’s a systematic, analytical, simple way to evaluate bikes without sounding like an engineer. We know there’s a lot of suspension designs out there by a lot of major companies that are not that great, and this just reaffirmed why they are not the best, or not good at all. It still amazes us that people are spending thousands of dollars on single pivot suspension systems that are 15 years old."

The “Ride Maestro Tour” is now on its way to Madison, WI, to meet retailers from around the Midwest. Future stops between now and November 5 include Cleveland, OH, Diablo, NJ, Athens, GA, Seattle, WA, Santa Cruz, CA, ending up in Laguna Hills, CA.

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