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Rudy Project Kicks Off Sales Promotion

Published March 2, 2009

DENVER, CO (BRAIN)—Rudy Project will launch the “Rudy Project Gear Deal” this month. The innovative promotion will give dealers the opportunity to offer a $220 package that holds over $450 in value, making it an attractive deal for consumers in today’s economy.


“When I first proposed the idea of the Rudy Project Gear Deal to friends and co-workers, their initial reaction was that it is an incredible deal, but too good to be true,” said Paul Craig, president and co-founder of Rudy Project North America.

“That’s the idea! I wanted to create something that was too good to pass up and create excitement in the industry, given today’s economic climate. I believe the Rudy Project Gear Deal is the best deal out there and will give everyone the opportunity to utilize the best eyewear and helmets on the market and get people walking into dealers asking for Rudy Project.”

Rudy Project will place four-page inserts in consumer magazines like Bicycling, VeloNews, BIKE and regional athletic papers. So not only will consumer buzz be created at the grassroots level, but also through key advertisements within the largest recreation and competition publications in the industry.

Here’s how it works: for $220 the customer selects their favorite Rudy Project sunglass offered in the deal (Rydon, Rydon II, Noyz, Zyon, Sportmask Performance, Kerosene, Horus and Ekynox SX) they choose an additional set of core lenses (Sportmask Performance excluded) a 2009 Slinger Helmet and a T-shirt. In addition the package also includes a Rudy Project bag, hat and neck-cord.

Dealers can purchase the glasses from Rudy Project at a normal rate and they then can buy the packages for a special price. Rudy Project is absorbing most of the margin.

“The dealer sacrifices an average of $15, but will receive a drastic increase in sales velocity and the increased probability of a sale,” said Rob Richardson, Rudy Project sports marketing coordinator. “We feel that is a fair trade.”

Rudy Project expects the Gear Deal to multiply dealer sales by two to three times while increasing traffic into stores. With the amount of Rudy Project-branded gear included in the package, people will be coming to dealers asking for the promotion.

“Late last season, as the economic news was getting progressively bleak, every customer walking through our door was asking, ‘Where’s the recession deal?’ Outside of your typical late-season clearance, there really wasn’t anything jaw-dropping to offer,” said David “Jake” Jacobson, sales manager of Turin Bicycles in Denver, Colorado.

“When my Rudy Project rep came by and told me about this promo, I was ready to sign the dotted line because the Rudy Project Gear Deal is not only going to get people excited to buy, it will create traffic when there is no traffic to be had.”

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