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DNA Cycles Opening Third Specialized Concept

Published October 15, 2010

AVONDALE, AZ (BRAIN)—Already Arizona’s largest Specialized Dealer, DNA Cycles is set to open its third concept store this month in Avondale, Arizona, about 17 miles west of downtown Phoenix.

Husband and wife team Don and Amber Eldridge opened the first DNA location in Mesa just six weeks after Don left a position in the motorcycle industry eight years ago, living the dream and taking their destiny into their own hands, according to a press release.

In January, 2008 they opened their first concept store in Scottsdale, Arizona, building on the relationship they had formed with Specialized with their first location, enlisting the aid of the Specialized Retail Services team to create the look and feel of professional quality, but still expressing DNA’s unique, family-owned atmosphere.

“I have committed to only open concept stores moving forward. The concept store opportunity has been beneficial for both us and Specialized. To name just one benefit for being a concept store is impossible,” said Don Eldridge, pointing out that the concept store branding allows each DNA store to stand out from their competitors.

Following the success of the Scottsdale location, the Eldridges decided to convert the existing Mesa location to a concept store as well. In spite of the company’s growth, however, the couple is still adamant about keeping the “Mom n’ Pop” local bike shop feel they’ve built their reputation on.

“The fixture and graphic refreshes keep things new and exciting, and the help with the initial fixtures is huge," said Nichole Perrin, retail services manager at Specialized. "It allows us to open our doors to a new location as a polished, professional store. It helps us be the big store in town, when it’s really just Don and Amber living their dream, owning a bike shop.”

The new 3,800 square foot Avondale location was opened due to DNA’s success in the Phoenix area, and finding a prime location in a community that was under-served by existing shops.

“Avondale is a huge market—enormous population, access to freeways and no large bike shops on this side of town. Riders have to drive 20 miles just to buy tires. So our Avondale store will be able to help service those riders. This third store gives us a triangle 35 - 40 miles from each store,” Don said.

The new location will further establish DNA’s reputation for friendly, professional service to all types of rider in the greater Phoenix area, from children’s bikes to the most demanding performance customers, with their third full-service BG FIT studio and a huge range of Specialized products.

“Don is a good friend of Specialized and we greatly appreciate his support over the years. I’m really happy we’re partnered with such a dynamic business run by such an enthusiastic couple. I can only see great things happening with this third concept store,” said John Thompson, U.S. sales director.

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