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Cars-R-Coffins Closes Up Shop

Published March 29, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (BRAIN)—Cars-R-Coffins, a Minneapolis bike repair shop and coffee bar with a local following, closed its doors last Friday.

Hurl Everstone, the store’s owner, said after five years he decided he was ready to move on and try other things. He had been in discussions with someone local to take over the café and allow him to continue to be involved in the bike repair shop. After that deal fell through, he decided the time was right to simply move on.

“The combination of a horrible winter we had in terms of snowfall and going into spring, I thought it would be nice to make a change,” he said.

Everstone, who has an English degree, said he plans to get back to doing more freelance writing and creating content to his website, which he will relaunch later this month. He said a local design company, Space2Burn, is helping with a long-overdue website redesign. “It will focus on more editorial and stories about what’s going on in the Twin Cities and cycling in general, and with a more streamlined approach to the store, where people can buy branded goods,” Everstone said.

And, he emphasized, he will continue to support the Cars-R-Coffins brand. Softgoods and a new cycling jersey and bibs bearing the Cars-R-Coffins design are also available through Twin Six, a Minneapolis apparel company. “Their new office location is just half a block from where the café was located. It is a nice connection to have them nearby for distribution and logistics,” said Everstone.

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