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Currie relocates IZIP e-bike store

Published July 24, 2012

SANTA MONICA, CA (BRAIN) Tuesday July 24 2012 3:07 PM MT—E-bike manufacturer Currie Technologies has relocated its brand-exclusive IZIP Store from Venice, California, up the coast to Santa Monica.

A concept retail location, The IZIP Store educates consumers about Currie Technologies’ brands of hybrid electric bikes and develops merchandising and marketing aids for its independent and e-bike dealers. Two years ago, owner Larry Pizzi founded the original IZIP Store in beach town Venice.

“We simply outgrew our small store,” said Pizzi of IZIP’s former location. “It pretty quickly exceeded our expectations.”

Pizzi chose the new location at 2803 Main Street in Santa Monica for its significant foot traffic and larger environment. Not only does the shop provide ample space to store assembled inventory, but the adjoining streets are perfect for test rides, a step Pizzi deems necessary to the e-bike selling process. “We have customers get on the bikes after an instructional on our training stand,” explained Pizzi. “They see for themselves how simple it is to zip up the hill—this usually seals the deal.”

The store will also focus heavily on IZIP accessories that allow E-bike riders to personalize their rides. “Our customer base differs from that of a traditional bike shop,” said Pizzi. “Instead of avid cyclists, we get urban riders looking for transportation and aging riders looking for outdoor recreation.”

To celebrate its grand opening, The IZIP Store will hold an in-store reception Thursday, July 26, from 7-9 p.m.

Marisa Shimano

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