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NBDA launches research study of America's bike shops

Published January 16, 2017

COSTA MESA, Calif. (BRAIN) —The National Bicycle Dealers Association has launched what is said is the most comprehensive research study of bike shops in the industry.

Todd Grant, the president of the NBDA, said, "In this time of changing consumer buying habits and disruptions in the retail landscape it is vitally important for as many bike shops as possible to participate in this research study by taking the time to complete the online questionnaire. Both NBDA member and non-member bike shops throughout the U.S. will receive advance alerts followed by a request to participate with a link to the online survey. Every bike shop that completes a questionnaire will receive a complimentary copy of the 300 plus page research report, including all tables and charts.

The cover price for the Specialty Channel Retailer Research Study Report is $69 for members and $399 for non-members.

"We believe that when all participants see the results of the survey members and nonmembers will see the additional benefit of joining and supporting the NBDA. We are also working with the Gluskin Townley Group to make sure the report is bike shop friendly and that the data is easy to understand and the tables and charts easy to read so bike shops can take advantage of the findings to make immediate improvements in their businesses," Grant added.

This edition of the retailer research study will include bike shop wage and benefits data and some of the financial performance information and data from the Cost of Doing Business Study.

The NBDA will partner with the Gluskin Townley Group and others in sending out the link to the electronic survey to each organizations' respective mailing lists of bike shops.

A pre-survey alert was sent out the end of last week and the survey link was sent out Monday. Reminders will be sent periodically until the survey closes in February. The complete report will be available to participating bike shops the end of March, 2017.

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