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Jamis, Nirve join SmartEtailing Supplier Sync

Published January 26, 2018

NORTHVALE, N.J. (BRAIN) — Jamis and Nirve Bicycles have signed on to SmartEtailing's Supplier Sync program. Authorized retailers can now connect their in-store inventory with currently available inventory from Jamis and Nirve warehouse locations.

This brings both brands a step closer to a more complete omnichannel retail experience that incorporates brick and mortar retailers, stated G. Joannou Bicycles, the parent company of Jamis and Nirve.

“Nothing substitutes a good retail experience in a professional bicycle retailer environment, but the shifts in consumer buying behavior are significant and online buying is increasingly becoming a crucial part of the buying experience. … The invaluable knowledge that a professional retailer has is no substitute,” company president Carine Joannou said. “We do feel that there is potential balance of online and brick and mortar that will work as we all move forward, and that’s where Jamis and Nirve are. We provide our retailers with the ability to show consumers available inventory in real time. Working in conjunction with our retailers to that transparency is what Supplier Sync offers consumers.”

Business development manager Chris Budich said that the “retail landscape is in constant change, and we at Jamis and Nirve are moving along with the times. We maintain close contact with our retailers and consumers to follow those trends.

“Consumers want buying experiences to be as easy as possible. SmartEtailing has provided the platform to support both retailers and the product so that the purchase for the consumer is seamless," he added.

SmartEtailing currently has 22 U.S. suppliers enrolled in its Supplier Sync program who share their inventory on retailers’ websites from 36 warehouse feeds.

“Modern shoppers have come to expect that pricing and availability information will be at their fingertips 24/7. We are thrilled that Jamis and Nirve have made the investment in building the integration with SmartEtailing so that Jamis and Nirve retailers can leverage an expanded inventory when consumers are browsing local bike shop websites,” SmartEtailing’s Ryan Atkinson said. “This integration means that consumers will be better informed when they come into their local bike shop looking to purchase a Jamis or Nirve product.”


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