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Andre Shoumatoff moving on from Park City Bike Demos

Published August 28, 2019

PARK CITY, Utah (BRAIN) — Andre Shoumatoff, the founder of Park City Bike Demos, a Utah retailer with an unusual business model, is moving on, he announced Thursday. Shoumatoff sold the store to USA Cycling's CEO, Rob DeMartini, earlier this year. The store had been closed for a time before the acquisition. 


Shoumatoff said Sept. 4 will be his final day at the store. PCBD's model was to offer a large fleet of high-end bike demos, which were also available for purchase. He said the store was able to convert as many as 1 in 8 demo-renters to a purchaser. 

"The business has never been in better shape," Shoumatoff said, "and I've never been more proud of it and see nothing but potential. We have a killer staff, sales are strong despite the challenges of a restart year and the tariffs and all of the other headwinds, and our customer experience continues to be truly exemplary.

"The store continues to maintains the area's strongest online reviews," continued Shoumatoff, "and this is due to our unique consumer-centric approach where all are welcome and we foster an environment where employees are hardworking but also have a blast renting and selling bicycles and accessories, and I think this shows to the people who come in and out of the store. It's been a blast to have been part of something so enjoyable and that seems to be a win-win-win for everyone."

"It's been nothing but a sheer pleasure working with Rob (DeMartini) and I hear that's rare when there is a changing of the guard. I have warm and fuzzy feelings about the process, and Rob is truly a wonderful human. Likewise, watching his business intuition in action has nothing short of exciting."

"But like anything sometimes it just becomes time to move on, and that time for me will finally be this fall."

DeMartini, a former CEO of New Balance, said, "Andre is an 'idea guy' and his enthusiasm for the industry and our customers is extremely energizing. We will work to build on his work and strive to make Park City Bike Demos a successful and contributing retailer for Park City and the IBD communities."

Tanner Carte, a former manager at an Ohio Performance Bicycle store who also spent time in the lodging industry, will continue as store manager while Ben Melini carries on as the store's service manager.

Shoumatoff's background is primarily in digital technology and web development. His business, Digital Marketing Associates, recently built the technology stack for Snowsports Industries of America, the trade organization for the ski industry, including their consumer-facing website.

After some time off, Shoumatoff said he plans to renew focus on digital solutions for operations and marketing of businesses and vendors, primarily in the cycling and automotive industries.

As a side project, Shoumatoff has been working to attempt to rescind an outright ban on pedal assist eMTB bikes on single-track that was put in place in Park City about two years ago.

BRAIN featured the store in its April 1, 2017, issue

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