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Magura offering free, customizable dealer tech training

Published July 26, 2023

OLNEY, Ill. (BRAIN) — Magura USA is offering free online tech training for dealer mechanics as well as OE brands and distributors. For shops, the training can lead to stores being labeled as Magura Service Centers, which are promoted on the brand’s dealer locator.

Bike brands, distributors and shops all benefit when techs are trained and equipped to service Magura products, said Tony Ballantine, Magura USA’s director of sales and marketing.

“We are working with our distributors to promote the (education) program,” he said. “They sell more products if dealers are educated. And for the OEs, it’s very important that shops selling bikes with Magura products are equipped and trained to work on them.”

Magura USA is tailoring online training to the needs of the shops and employees, Ballantine said. 

“We can do a one-on-one class, or we can do a class for 15 people. We could do a 15-minute clinic on brake bleeding or line cutting, or a certification class, which would be one or two hours,” he said. 

In the past Magura partnered with mechanic education programs including QBP’s U of Q school, which shut down this spring. Magura decided to develop its own program this year, he said. The training covers Magura brakes; instruction on the brand's dropper posts will be added this fall. 

Magura currently has about 50 Service Center stores in the U.S. and wants to add more. Besides mechanic training, stores are asked to stock about $500 in Magura spare parts to qualify as a Service Center. The centers are listed on the brand’s online dealer locator and Magura’s customer service department refers consumers to Service Centers for work when appropriate, he said. 

Magura does the online training on the Microsoft Teams platform. Mechanics and stores can schedule training with an online form at

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