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Fallbrook donates 1,000 NuVinci bike transmissions

Published January 10, 2013

SAN DIEGO, CA (BRAIN) — Fallbrook Technologies is donating 1,000 of its NuVinci continuously variable hubs to Worldbike for use in developing countries.

Worldbike is a network of bicycle industry designers and others with ties to manufacturing resources worldwide. It is an organization that has acted as an umbrella organization for various efforts providing bicycle solutions for developing countries.

"Throughout the world, many of the bicycles currently in use typically break down too easily, and in developing countries are often a patchwork of parts, especially from the drivetrain perspective," said David Hancock, Fallbrook's executive vice president of business units. "We're pleased to be able to make this donation, which should enable people in developing countries to travel greater distances with less downtime. This is particularly important for bikes used to deliver water and medical supplies or provide 'taxi' service."

Craig Calfee, a Worldbike board member, will manage the distribution of the donation, which includes spare shift controllers in addition to the NuVinci N171 hubs. 

"This generous donation from Fallbrook Technologies will anchor our efforts to introduce robust, modern bicycles and other human-powered devices to developing countries," said Calfee. "Aside from the sheer volume of donated units, the added value of the NuVinci drivetrain makes it incredibly appropriate for this purpose."

Calfee is the founder of Calfee Design and of Bamboosero, an organization that supports micro-manufacturers of bamboo bikes in the developing world.


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