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Published February 5, 2014

TUCSON, Ariz. (BRAIN) — Continuing its support of Exceeding Expectations, which encourages at-risk youth in San Bernardino, Calif., to pursue a positive path in life through the sport of triathlon, has donated more than $6,000 in gear in almost-new condition.

“Since we learned about Exceeding Expectations many years ago, we periodically send products that we cannot resell—they may have a scratch, or may have been washed, or a seam is unraveling a little. All reasons for a paying customer to exchange an item, but still perfectly usable,” said vice president Debbie Claggett. Anything we can send that can be used by the kids in the Exceeding Expectations program means they have that much more money that can be funneled towards education, which is the top priority.”

The latest donation has a retail value of about $6,400, and includes aero helmets, wetsuits, running shoes and other high-cost items.

“The folks at are true humanitarians,” said Cherie Gruenfeld, founder of Exceeding Expectations. “For many years they’ve supported my non-profit foundation by sending returned clothing and gear for our kids. They’ve never asked for a thing in return – they simply want to help a cause in which they believe.

To learn more about Exceeding Expectations, or to donate, visit their website.

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