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NICA looking to earn $75k matching grant

Published April 17, 2014

BERKELY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Shimano/Pearl Izumi has already pledged $20,000 in the campaign by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association to earn a $75,000 matching grant from a Dick's Sporting Goods program.

NICA is looking to the bike industry to raise the balance to earn the grant. The group's executive director, Austin McInerny, first announced a $50,000 grant challenge during a panel at last week's Bicycle Leadership Conference in Monterey. Since then, NICA made a second request to Dick's Sports Matter platform for an additional $25,000, which was accepted late Tuesday afternoon.

"The reception to the initial $50,000 challenge at the Sea Otter Classic was supportive enough to push us to raise our own goal even higher," said NICA development director Suzette Ayotte. "It's risky because the reality is that we could walk away with nothing."

Shimano/Pearl Izumi made the $20,000 donation pledge at the BLC.

NICA is asking the bike industry to rise to the challenge with tax-deductible donations directly to Team NICA 2015 at the Sports Matter platform website.

"There are key sponsors who have carried us," Ayotte said, "and while we can't refuse support from those stalwart backers, this is an opportunity for others to step in and contribute to the most exciting effort underway in youth cycling in the country. We are extremely grateful to Dick's Sporting Goods for this opportunity."

Dick's Sporting Good Foundation is giving away $2 million through the crowdfunding platform and NICA is fourth on the list of 188 applicants in terms of total matching dollar volume. Sports Matter will match donations and release the $75,000 grant only when the goal has been met. If NICA does not raise the money, the donor's credit card transaction is reversed.


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