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Linus Bike launches new sales program and fills key sales positions.

Published October 1, 2018

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LOS ANGELES, Ca. – Linus Bike has brought two industry veterans onboard to renew their focus on the IBD and round out their sales & dealer support infrastructure.

New Global Sales Manager Colin Ross joins the team having previously worked as North American Sales Manager for Faraday Bikes following an extensive history on the retail side of the business. "It's a tough environment out there at retail right now" says Ross, "Which is why we focused on developing a program that was friendly to the position most retailers find themselves in right now, while still offering our best margins ever. At Linus, we understand that right now the best thing a brand can do is help our retail partners stock attractive, high quality products that bring new customers in and are easy to order and keep in stock."

Sales Consultant Rudi Monigold has joined the team to provide a unique perspective, having been directly involved in the growth of Electra. "Linus is exactly the type of fun, vibrant company we need to support in this challenging industry. Great bikes, awesome accessories, and now Linus is super easy, and profitable to have as a business partner. I'm very honored to be a part of the Linus team and help build on their success."

"We still believe that the path forward is bikes in stores and strong relationships with our IBD partners. Colin and Rudi both come from IBD and with their deep sales knowledge have devised a program that specifically supports the dealer. This is the best margin, longest terms and simplest structure to date. Linus has always been successful at attracting new customers to stores and with a revamped line for 2019 we are very excited for the year ahead." said Adam McDermott Linus Founder & Co-CEO.

For more information on the new program, contact Linus via or Colin Ross directly at or 310-822-7722 ext 105.

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