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Stromer E-Bikes Chooses Wren Suspension

Published September 10, 2019

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Vallejo, CA - Wren Sports is proud to announce the introduction of the custom designed Wren inverted suspension fork as an upgrade option for the Stromer ST5 and ST3 e-bikes.

Over two years of extensive design and development work went into this exclusive collaboration with Stromer. The result is a custom designed inverted suspension fork that easily handles the faster speeds and extra weight of today's high performance s-pedelecs. "We were delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Stromer's engineers and product development team to bring this fork to market," said Kevin Wren. "This was a custom designed fork from the ground up and required significant testing to pass EU standards for electric vehicles."

This custom designed Wren fork is based on the tried and true design of the Wren branded fork with additional features built in as requested by the Stromer engineering team. These features include the maintenance free sealed damper system, which offers a very broad range of rebound adjustment, and the air spring, which is factory tuned for the ST5 and ST3, but can be fine tuned by the rider for that perfect ride. Also, especially designed for Stromer, is the steer tube that allows for internal routing of brake cables for a sleek, modern look.

As with all Wren products, all service parts for this custom designed Wren fork are available and in stock now. "We established and trained Wren authorized service centers in several countries prior to the first fork shipping," said
Wren. "We understand the level of customer service expected by the Stromer customer and made sure that any and all components of the fork were available prior to the first fork sold."

Wren Sports is a California company that produces a full line of Wren inverted suspension forks, super lightweight aluminum stems, carbon components and other biking accessories. myStromer AG develops and markets innovative speed pedelecs. The strength of the Swiss company lies in the development of mechanical components, electric components and software with complete system integration.

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