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Giant Stands With The IBD

Published April 9, 2020

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We stand behind you. Today, more than ever, we need each other. Our retail partners come first because our retail partners' health is our health. Your needs are our focus. To say we are hyper-focused and on super high alert to support the IBD in this challenging time is an understatement.


We've always loved the independent bicycle dealer retail network because it's all about creating life-changing experiences. We understand that each region, each market, each store, and every rider is different, and they tailor their approach accordingly. That's super cool in our opinion and the perfect recipe to create amazing experiences.

The machinery of a bicycle is great, but the joy and fun of riding is what changes people's lives.

How we embody Retail Support:
• We are focused on selling your inventory first and foremost.
• We only fulfill bike orders through our independent bicycle retailers.
• We share 100% margin with stocking retailers, and we credit accounts monthly.
• We are 'farm to table' vertically integrated, from carbon weaving to retail doorstep, raw materials to first ride. Each step is Giant.
• Our Liv brand is the only authentic women's brand; pure and crystal clear, by women for women.
• We are entering our 17th year of making quality E-Bikes, longer than any other brand.
• We stand behind our composite products with "Composite Confidence" support.
• We are waiving finance fees for dealers who possess inventory that matches their payables.
• We are shipping every day, using our extensive freight relationships achieving two-day service to 90% of the country.

During this challenging time, we are doubling down on Raising the Bar so our retailers can succeed.

Where we have seen other brands loosen policies on rider-direct shipping or retailers shipping broadly, we continue to only fulfill bikes through physical pick up or personal delivery from the best retailers.
• Beginning several weeks ago we waived home delivery fees for riders, while still compensating retailers.
• We've lowered our 0% financing thresholds for riders to get on bikes in early March.

Where others are planting their corporate-owned retail footprint in a market, we continue to exclusively align with the finest IBDs who know their market best.
• Exciting new product is on the immediate horizon.
• Giant is committed to re-inventing 30% of our bicycle platforms every year - Invention!

Where others (98% of the rest) source and procure technology and innovation from outside vendors, we have our own factories—under one big blue umbrella—listening directly to markets, retailers and the needs of riders.

We continue to receive product weekly and are expediting bikes and gear in the areas you tell us are most needed.
• Our three distribution facilities are shipping full throttle

So why this note, and why now?

In our opinion, the IBD's are the true heroes of this business! You weather the frontline challenges every day, and we know that's one heck of a contest. It's time for you folks to stand up and stop supporting suppliers that damage your existence. Only you can make it change with your most powerful votes - your money and support. We are not perfect, but one thing is crystal clear, we are more retail-centric than most of our competitors combined. You have the option to support brands that support you. We think it's the time you stand up as a specialty retailer, you deserve more; do you have the courage?

The stores that will win will be those that have suppliers in their corner to nurture the relationship with riders and help retail thrive - that is the soul of Giant/Liv/Momentum/CADEX and you (the IBD) will always come first! We've got your back!

Together we prosper!

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