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Hunt Wheels sets up US operations in Boulder

Published April 10, 2020

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USA Dreamin'

In our never-ending pursuit to provide riders with cutting-edge performance products for devoted riders, we've just made our next step in that journey.

As of March 31st, we are honored to be serving US riders with a dedicated US website and in-country team,

When Tom & Peter Marchment founded HUNT in 2015 they set out to make a company that creates all products with the same level of care and attention to detail. HUNT has made sure that no matter what, every decision the company made would be with the intention of being the best for our riders. Implicitly, in every step we take as employees and a company our first thought is "Every dollar we spend belonged to our customers: does this action benefit future customers?" and "If we aren't striving to make the best wheels possible, we shouldn't make them at all." This is why we conduct in-depth research in both the development of both alloy and carbon wheelsets, while investing in the growth of our R&D engineering team by adding talent such as wheel-veteran Luisa Grappone (MSc Aerospace Engineering), Hunt Engineering Manager.

The HUNT Road/CX range ($369-$1579 pair) includes two category leaders in terms of aerodynamics including the 34 Aero Wide Disc, which is faster than leading competitors $2000+ wheels, and the world's fastest disc brake road wheelset up to & including 50mm; the HUNT 48 LIMITLESS.

HUNT Gravel Beyond's Brand Manager Josh Ibbett (6th Tour Divide 2019) led the way and ensured we were the first wheel company in the world to have a dedicated Gravel range in 2016 which now extends to ten wheelsets plus the first wheels company to have a Dynamo range, which has now grown to 4 wheelsets.

The HUNT alloy MTB wheels ($409-$539 pair) feature fast engagement hubs and high-strength 6066-T6 & 6069-T6 alloys only usually seen in competitors' top-of-the-range wheelsets.

We have proven in the UK that this focus on how we can best serve riders and attention to detail, can build a company that started with three employees to now 35+ employees and now we are expanding our efforts in the US, an idea we previously only dreamed of doing.

We are excited to announce not only the development of a US-specific website but the establishment of our US office in Boulder, Colorado. Whilst the existing site has served thousands of US riders already, they openly share their (unfiltered) feedback with us on the independent reviews site Trustpilot, and we want to do even better. We will now be serving US riders with an even higher level of dedication and devotion. Leading the charge on this front, we've welcomed two individuals, Samuel Johnson & Ken Rodriguez-Clisham, to be our boots on the ground to help continue our efforts of serving US customers.

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