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Panaracer Unveils Bold New Logo

Published February 22, 2021

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SAKA, JAPAN (February 22, 2021) — Tire manufacturer Panaracer is proud to unveil its new logo and brand identity today, celebrating its history of technologies and innovations while looking to the future with a new, modernized look.

Since being founded in 1952, Panaracer has blended careful Japanese craftsmanship with the finest materials and innovative technologies to set themselves apart as the leading specialist manufacturer of bicycle tires and inner tubes.

In the nearly 70 years that have passed, the cycling world and Panaracer's technologies alike have evolved time and again. Panaracer has spent some time exploring the needs of this evolving marketplace and who they are in the world of cycling.

The new visual identity and the brand statement and mission that stand behind it are meant to reflect their ongoing commitment to the bicycle community.

The Panaracer logo has been modernized into a sharper, more simple form, representing an ever-rolling set of tires. 

The new corporate color, “Panaracer Purple”, blends the previous blue brand color, signifying dawn, with the color pink, a color of passion. 

Committed to support, carry and move your life forward every pedal stroke along the way,  Panaracer also rolled out its new slogan and mission: 

Slogan: Life Cycling Partner
Mission:  To provide outstanding tires that bring confidence, reliability and excitement to your riding,  and sustainable value to society.

“We really like the simplicity and clean lines of this logo, as well as the continuation it represents. From your first bike to your last, we make tires that are reliable, technologically advanced, and that bring you constant joy no matter who you are or where you ride,” said Jeff Zell, Panaracer’s Go-To Guy.

 “When you invest in a pair of Panaracer tires, you get a cycling partner for life.”


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