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Introducing: RIDE Advocacy Group to Bridge The Gap Between The Bike Industry, Sport and LQBTQ+ Communities

Published June 7, 2021

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Portland, Ore. (June 7, 2021) — Transgender cyclist and businessperson, Molly Cameron, today announced the launch of RIDE, an advocacy organization aimed at creating a more inclusive bike industry and sport.

To do so, RIDE —Riders Inspiring Diversity and Equality — has made it their mission to bridge the gaps between business, sport and LGBTQ+ communities. They will serve as a confidential point of contact for the LGBTQ+ community to directly interface with the bicycling industry and sport, while also acting as a trusted resource for business leaders to listen to, and learn from, the LGBTQ+ community.

"After observing our sport and industry's inability to effectively lead us through navigating the current wave of discriminatory legislation sweeping the United States I chose to act," said Molly Cameron.

RIDE will work directly within the outdoor industry and sport to develop LGBTQ+ representation and awareness through education, consultation, training, evaluation, strategy, development and implementation of action plans to meet immediate and long term targets.

With the support of industry brands and leadership, Cameron is currently interfacing with USA Cycling to guide the organization on its inclusion summit and bicycle industry DEI coalition.

"This weekend we witnessed an historic moment for the LGBTQ+ cycling community with an unpologetic act of non-performative allyship in Ian Boswell's victory at Unbound Gravel; putting transgender awarreness front and center in cycling," said Cameron. "No brand or event should be hesitant to engage our community, and RIDE exists to facilitate those connections."

RIDE's advisory board includes law, ethics and policy experts such as Christine Kalkschmid, Dr. Cara Gillis and Vivian Satterfield.

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