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Danish cargo bike brand Triobike appoints Ed Rae as its US agent

Published July 15, 2021

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Austin, TX — Triobike, the Danish cargo bike brand, has appointed Ed Rae of Portland as its U.S. agent.

Triobike has produced high-quality and innovative cargo bikes since 2004. They've officially been in the US market since 2018, and in 2020 and began inventory in the US, building up infrastructure and logistics to prepare for a larger push and investment with IBDs. Inventory is held in Austin, TX and ready for immediate shipment to dealers across the country.

"We see the U.S. market for e-cargo bikes maturing, and the interest is growing," said Sammy Eisinger, Founder and CEO of Triobike. Triobike is a pioneer in the cargo bike segment with both 2 and 3 wheelers and has designed and produced cargo bikes for more than 17 years, but is still relatively new to the US market.

Rae is a bike industry veteran who recently was the North American agent for Urban Arrow for almost 4 years and prior to that, N.A. agent for Brompton for 8 years. "Rae has the knowledge and experience that's important for Triobike to grow and succeed in the US", said Eisinger.

Rae said, "Though more and more US consumers and IBD's are comfortable with the cargo bike category now, there's room for greater familiarity and understanding of the benefits of cargo bikes".

"Despite these gains the US market has not yet adopted the trikes the same way as they've done in Europe, and I believe we'll see that segment grow significantly the next few years when families realize the convenience, ease, safety and fun of 3-wheel bikes" For IBD's there's a huge opportunity to access people that see the bike as an alternative to cars, at least for shorter journeys so common to American auto users." The Triobike vision and products are a great match to market requirements for high-quality and versatile electric cargo bikes. Triobike is a useful addition to dealers' floors and a great opportunity for IBD's to get access to new and interesting products.

Rae can be reached at and 503-703-7626. More information at

About Triobike

Triobike was established in 2004 in Denmark to give urban families a greener, healthier choice. Triobike produces 2 two-wheel and 3 three-wheel high-quality e-cargo bike models. Craftsmanship is key in Triobike's DNA - where quality, style and safety is fundamental to the development of cargo bikes. Triobike will not compromise — putting heart, mind, and soul into the tiniest of details to create the best cargo bikes in the world. Learn more about Triobike on

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