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Cycle Limited Recognized For Noteworthy Growth: Steps Up Onto The Preowned Bike Podium

Published October 27, 2022

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With substantial growth and welcomed feedback earned through working closely with bike shops nationally, developing trust on the manufacturing end of this fascinating industry we all love, and by continuing to work closely with individuals, Cycle Limited has become a trusted name within the cycling community. The nationwide online used bike retailer doubled operations in 2022 due to established relationships while offering highly desired premium, preowned bicycles online.

 Founder and CEO, Danny Israelian, is building an experienced and cohesive team at Cycle Limited and continues to expand by hiring throughout the local South Florida cycling community. “Creating valued jobs in the community by keeping desirable, used bikes on the roads and trails, and out of garage rafters collecting cobwebs, continues to amaze me, “ says Israelian. “While we grow, we hope to increase productivity and spread the love for an active lifestyle across the board.”

 The growth and success of local bike shops are important factors in the premium used bike market. Cycle Limited remains focused on working closely with shops and aiding in the movement of new old stock (NOS) from sales floors as manufacturing production increases.

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