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VeloPro Unveils Proactive HRV Technology

Published December 6, 2023

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HRV data takes VeloPro from Reactive to Proactive

Portland, OR — VeloPro, the world's first adaptive and dynamic training system for endurance athletes, is pleased to announce the launch of their Proactive HRV technology (patent-pending). This cutting-edge innovation leverages heart rate variability (HRV) data to enhance training outcomes and maximize athletic potential.

HRV is a powerful metric that provides valuable insights into an individual's autonomic nervous system function. By using this data, athletes can gain deeper insights into their recovery levels and overall stress adaptation. VeloPro's Proactive HRV technology takes this analysis to the next level, using HRV metrics to adjust athlete's training prescriptions before the workouts even take place.

According to VeloPro founder Adnan Kadir, "Our Proactive HRV technology marks a significant milestone in our development. Now, instead of simply adjusting an athlete's training plan after every workout, the system can see whether or not the athlete has recovered from the previous workout and, if needed, adjusts that day's workout before the athlete even finishes breakfast."

VeloPro's Proactive HRV technology is set to transform the way athletes approach training and recovery. By leveraging the power of HRV analysis, VeloPro proactively manages training and helps athletes achieve their full potential.

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