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Industry Veteran Dale Plant Joins 99 Spokes to Lead Global Sales Initiatives

Published March 1, 2024

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99 Spokes is pleased to welcome Dale Plant as our new international sales manager.  With a career spanning over three decades, Dale brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role. He bailed from the suit and tie world after college and has since held key positions in several bike shops, a bike parts distributor, and most recently served a distinguished (potentially debatable) 25-year tenure at Kona Bikes.

Dale Plant explains why he took this position with 99 Spokes:  Well for one, I like to eat AND I like new bikes and both of those things require money.  But on a slightly more serious note, after a lifetime of being “into bikes” and more than 30 years in the bike industry (much to my parents dismay), it’s a pleasant surprise that my passion for riding and bikes of all kinds is still hovering around an 11 out of 10.  I strongly believe that bikes can change lives and the world.  Assisting people to adopt a more active, healthy, sustainable and fun lifestyle has always been a motivating factor for “doing bikes”.  99 Spokes has become a big deal over the last 5+ years. The main attraction for me is that it’s a unique and amazing tool that is useful for consumers, bike brands, IBD’s and everyone in the industry. 99 Spokes continually updates its massive amount of data into powerful tools to help consumers compare bikes and reduce analysis paralysis. This ultimately gets more people on bikes which fits well with my desire to get more people riding.

If you want to chat about what  99 Spokes can do for you please hit me up!

More About 99 Spokes is a customer-centric website dedicated to assisting people in their bike purchasing journey by offering up-to-date and comprehensive data on specs, geo, and prices, with dynamic comparison tools on the vast majority of bikes in the market. The platform boasts over 1 million unique users monthly, with over 3 million page views per month.

Beyond consumer services, 99 Spokes plays a crucial role as a data broker for the bike industry, facilitating competitive analysis for manufacturers and marketplaces by organizing the complex landscape of bike data in a useful and usable manner (e.g. Excel, API) – 

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