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Fidlock USA Continues Growth

Published May 17, 2024

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New leadership, new products and expanding opportunities

May 16, 2024 – Charlotte, NC – FIDLOCK, makers of premium magnetic-mechanical water bottles, cycling bags, and recreational accessories, continues to grow and expand their presence in North America. The company has established a new leadership team, moved into new product categories and plans to add more sales representatives to further cover key markets.

"We founded FIDLOCK USA Inc. at the end of 2022," said founder Joachim Fiedler, "with the vision to bring such proven products to the U.S. consumers – make them available not only online, but in bicycle and outdoor sports retail shops – because the magic of FIDLOCK happens when you start playing with them and using them. The current team of FIDLOCK USA Inc. shares the same values of making and selling reliable products, treating our dealers and partners honestly and respectfully and enjoying innovation together!"

The new dynamic team is dedicated to enhancing FIDLOCK's North American presence. Russell Anderson has stepped into the role of Vice President General Manager, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise to lead the team forward. Casper Rubalcava, Sales Manager, is already making significant contributions to FIDLOCK and their partners. Kendall Nickel, Marketing Manager, is spearheading efforts to enhance brand presence and engagement. Kevin Seabrook, Consumer and Business Experience Associate, remains a dedicated team member and has become an expert in his role. Together, they bring diverse experiences and fresh perspectives that will drive FIDLOCK to new levels of success.

FIDLOCK has recently introduced several new innovative products to go along with their award-winning TWIST Bottle and Base System. The Hip Belts are changing the game as they blend the magnetic TWIST and HERMETIC Dry Bag Technologies, allowing for optimized hydration and storage all in one. Consumers are loving the new TWIST Thermo Sleeves. Users simply slip a Thermo Sleeve over their existing FIDLOCK Bottle and enjoy cold hydration without compromising any capacity. The PINCLIP Action Cam Mount is the best way to capture the thrill with a vibration-free video view, whether you are riding the trails or hitting the slopes.

With this growth, FIDLOCK has emphasized controlling MAP pricing in all marketplaces and actively monitoring SKUs wherever possible, including sellers on Amazon. FIDLOCK is also looking to increase their rep coverage in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast states. Anyone interested should contact Casper at

FIDLOCK is committed to elevating brand presence at events to engage directly with customers and showcase their products in action. The 2024 Sea Otter Classic was a testament to this dedication as the booth attracted significant attention, and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Alongside the staff, two Athlete Ambassadors worked the FIDLOCK booth throughout the event to create digital marketing assets, host meet and greets, and help consumers learn more about FIDLOCK products.

FIDLOCK has always worked hard to make great products that set them apart, and to make great products, you need a great team. "I am extremely confident in our team; I am excited about our products and what we have in the works. The innovation and vision they have will lead us into the next chapter of FIDLOCK," said Anderson.

For more information and the latest from FIDLOCK, go to or @fidlock_us on Instagram and @FidlockUSA on Facebook.


FIDLOCK makes easy-to-use magnetic-mechanical solutions for a variety of industries, including their award-winning TWIST Bottle and Base System, cycling bags and other recreational accessories. FIDLOCK's magnetic helmet buckles are featured by numerous top brands and their innovative solutions for bags and other load bearing systems, shoe closures and special task-solutions for law enforcement have reinvented their segments.

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