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Posted October 21, 2022

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — E-bike sales in the U.S. have grown 300% in the past five years. More and more retailers are saying, "E-bikes are our future." Despite the rosy glow around the category, there are concerns among the movement's leaders. So let's take a look at the five challenges that lie ahead.

Posted October 21, 2022

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (BRAIN) — The industry's first U.S. e-bike battery recycling program nears a notable milestone seven months after it was established.

Posted October 14, 2022

DALLAS (BRAIN) — New e-bike brands arrive by the boatload these days, but, if for nothing else, Denago deserves a second look based on its all-star leadership team of industry vets.

Posted October 13, 2022

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Ancheer is recalling about 22,000 e-bikes, sold by e-commerce sites including aliexpress, amazon.com, eBay and others because the bikes' lithium-ion batteries can ignite, explode, or spark. 

Posted October 12, 2022
Summit attendees riding Truckee/Tahoe National Forest trails open to class 1 eMTBs

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (BRAIN) — PeopleForBikes is urging land managers to allow the use of Class 1 e-bikes — but no other e-bikes — on all non-motorized, natural surface trails (including singletrack mountain biking trails) where traditional bicycles are allowed.

Posted October 11, 2022
Safety agency counts 53 e-bike fatalities in the US between 2017-2021.

WASHINGTON — Injuries involving micromobility devices including e-scooters, hoverboards and e-bikes were up 127% between 2017 and 2021 according to a new report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Posted October 7, 2022

SEATTLE (BRAIN) — Rad Power Bikes denied that one of its e-bikes started a residential fire that caused property damage and led to a lawsuit being filed against the brand on Tuesday.

Posted October 5, 2022

PHILADELPHIA (BRAIN) — State Farm Fire & Casualty and State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is jointly suing Rad Power Bikes on behalf of an insured client for property damage after his Rad Power e-bike caught fire.

Posted October 5, 2022
Yamaha YDX-MORO 07.

CYPRESS, Calif. (BRAIN) — Two new e-MTB models have been added to Yamaha Bicycles' full-suspension lineup. The YDX-MORO 07 and YDX-MORO 05 are spec'd with Yamaha's PW-X3 mid-drive unit, Dual Twin frame, and Quad Sensor system.

Posted October 4, 2022
Fort Myers Beach following Hurricane Ian. Getty photo.

FORT MYERS, Fla. (BRAIN) — Hurricane Ian left at least one bike shop "utterly destroyed"— the Fort Myers Pedego store. It's likely that many more stores and the homes of their owners and employees were damaged or destroyed. Retailers who have been able to re-open are trying to quickly rescue customers' bikes that were submerged. And they are contemplating how their market will be affected as the area rebuilds.

Posted October 3, 2022

(BRAIN) — The fourth annual Ebike Future Conference, an online event, will be held next week and boasts more than 50 speakers, including some well-known names in the U.S. industry.

Posted September 29, 2022

(BRAIN) — The National Bicycle Dealers Association and Human Powered Solutions are warning e-bike and e-scooter dealers in areas affected by Hurricane Ian to beware of battery packs compromised by water.

Posted September 28, 2022

CARLSBAD, Calif. (BRAIN) — The City Council here on Tuesday night voted to continue more new initiatives in addition to seeking community and government input on potential additional action to reduce the rise in collisions involving bikes and e-bikes.

Action the council took included:


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