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Posted April 27, 2023
John Bastian.

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Speaking at the recently concluded Sea Otter Classic Summit, John Bastian is bullish on the long-term prospects for the global bicycle industry. But he's cautious on its short-term prospects as world events roil the marketplace.

Posted April 25, 2023

SEATTLE (BRAIN) — Rad Power Bikes will work with Redwood Materials to recycle the brand's end-of-life lithium-ion batteries.

Posted April 24, 2023

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — N.Y. Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand said during a news conference Sunday that they support federal legislation to regulate lithium-ion battery safety standards in the wake of increasing fires caused by the devices.

Posted April 20, 2023

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — At the Sea Otter Classic's first Industry Day on Thursday, PIERER New Mobility North America Inc. was showing its Husqvarna and GASGAS e-bikes to U.S. bike shops for the first time.

Posted April 17, 2023

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — The City Council on Monday introduced two more bills in response to escalating lithium-ion battery fires in the city.

Posted April 12, 2023

Industry consultant Jay Townley says the industry bears responsibility to deal with e-bike safety concerns.

Posted April 10, 2023

Can powersports brands successfully invade the IBD e-bike market? Answer: They're trying, but it's complicated.

Posted April 5, 2023

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Cannondale is recalling about 75 Tesoro Neo X Speed e-bikes that were delivered with the right brake lever activating the front brake, contrary to U.S. standards. 

Posted March 30, 2023

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Gary Fisher is back where he wants to be — in Taiwan, hanging out with longtime industry friends at the Taipei Cycle show, but also more generally, back in the game, designing bikes he believes will change the industry, and even the world.

Posted March 21, 2023

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Democratic congressmen have reintroduced the E-BIKE Act, renewing hope that Congress can pass federal tax credit for e-bike purchases.

Posted March 21, 2023

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — In addition to signing off on the lithium-ion battery safety legislative package on Monday that the City Council passed earlier this month, Mayor Eric Adams announced further action in response to the city's escalating fires caused by micromobility devices.

Posted March 20, 2023

CHICAGO (BRAIN) — Flyer Electric Bikes is expanding distribution and will offer a free e-bike to new in-store stocking and non-stocking retailers if they sign up for the brand's dealer network through Beeline Connect by May 1.

Posted March 14, 2023

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (BRAIN) — The Bureau of Land Management is considering allowing e-bikes on the Campbell Tract, which is a 730-acre Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) here.


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