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Interbike's Green Steps Program

Published October 16, 2007

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA (BRAIN)—After three years of implementing its Green Steps Program to reduce the show's environmental impact, Interbike recently asked exhibitors and attendees to help with the next step by participating in its Carbon Neutral Travel program.

"Going green can sometimes mean some sacrifice, but many times the sacrifice has rewards and benefits that ultimately improve one's lifestyle" said Interbike show director Lance Camisasca. "Through our Green Steps Program we purchase renewable energy certificates to compensate for the energy required to operate Interbike. That one step alone was the equivalent to taking 30 cars off the road for an entire year."

Beyond offsetting the energy used during the show, Interbike approached GES, the Sands, Las Vegas and other service vendors and identified additional steps the show could take to drive environmental initiatives, such as: Using recycled aisle carpet; Offering recycled carpet to exhibitors; Moving to recycled paper badges printed with soya ink; Collecting cardboard off the show floor for recycling; and reducing printing by increasing electronic communication.

In an effort to augment its ongoing Green Steps Program, Interbike now launches the Carbon Neutral Travel Program. Participants of the Carbon Neutral Travel Program, exhibitors and show attendees, are asked to calculate the amount of carbon emissions or "footprint" for their travel to Interbike. This includes travel to and from the show and any transportation while attending the show.

Once participants have determined the amount of CO2 emissions they will produce during the event, they are encouraged to purchase enough Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) to counterbalance that amount. Purchasing RECs offsets the carbon participants will emit during travel and helps grow the availability of clean energy resources such as wind, sun and water projects.

"In our efforts to reduce the negative environmental impact of the show, we knew the next natural step was to invite our exhibitors and attendees to join us in the effort," Camisasca said. "As a sign of our appreciation, on our Green Steps Web page we will highlight industry members who are successfully working to decrease their environmental impact."

For more information about Interbike's Green Steps Program, please visit steps.jsp, and to calculate your carbon footprint, please visit

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