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Pedro's Program Grows Greener

Published January 3, 2008

WILMINGTON, MA (BRAIN)—Pedro's has announced a shift in its Grassroots program—the company's longest running sponsorship program.

For 18 years Pedro's has sponsored approximately 25 teams annually with products and pro deals from Pedro's as well as a select few partner companies.

For 2008 Pedro's is looking to do even more albeit for fewer teams. And, with one caveat: each team must have a significant environmental project on its schedule for 2008.

"It's simple really. We see a lot of waste and excess in the business of bicycle racing at every level. Think about the 1500 vehicles driving around to support 188 Tour racers in France ever summer. That's the ugly example, but it happens regionally and locally too. This year we're asking our Grassroots squads to do something to help: Adopt-a-Highway, a CFL campaign, or a stringent carpooling program. Something. And, we'll reward them with lots of Pedro's love for making an effort," said Christopher Zigmont, Pedro's general manager from his organic, vegan, gluten free soap box.

All 2007 Grassroots teams are invited to submit their project outlines via email by January 27 for review by Pedro's. Furthermore, one outstanding project will be rewarded by receiving a bonus sponsorship of Pedro's tools and equipment for use by the team.

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