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Non-profit speaks out on helmet confusion

Published December 20, 2012
Use of skateboard helmets endangers BMXers, group says

TEMECULA, CA (BRAIN) — A non-profit devoted to helping injured extreme sports athletes is launching a campaign to inform BMX riders about the difference between BMX and skateboarding helmets.

While U.S. standards prohibit the sale of non-certified bicycle helmets, many riders choose to use some helmets marketed for skateboarding that are not required to be certified.

"There have been several professional riders wearing non-certified helmets, even in competition," according to the Athlete Recovery Fund, which launched its campaign this week with a new video filmed at Bell Sports' helmet testing labatory.   

As the video points out, bike helmets are certified to pass tests for maximum forces measured inside the helmet when dropped onto a test surface. There are no such standards for skateboarding helmets.

The ARF was started in February 2008 to assist injured professionals from BMX, FMX and skateboarding with the costs that insurance didn’t cover after a severe injury.  The group has distributed more than $700,000 to injured athletes and families.

The ARF has met with organizers of the Dew Tour, X Games and ASA to discuss helmet safety. All three have changed rules on what is allowed during competition.

A scene from the ARF video as pro riders visit a helmet test lab

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