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FSA discontinues use of Gravity brand for adjustable-height seatposts

Published August 5, 2016
Component maker says it wants to avoid market confusion with Gravity Dropper brand.

MUKILTEO, Wash. (BRAIN) — FSA announced it will stop using its Gravity mountain bike brand for its adjustable-height seatposts to prevent confusion with rival brand Gravity Dropper.

"FSA has become aware that its Gravity brand adjustable-height ('dropper'-style) seatpost could potentially cause confusion in the USA market with respect to the established Gravity Dropper brand of adjustable-height seatposts offered by Kimir Seatpost (Polson, Montana)," the company stated.

"FSA has agreed to discontinue its use of the Gravity brand for its adjustable-height seatposts and expects to complete this transition in the next few months."

FSA managing director Lance Bohlen noted that "dropper" has become the common nomenclature for adjustable-height seatposts – "It's like Kleenex," he told BRAIN – and that removing the Gravity name and replacing it with a parallel model under the FSA brand was a "gentleman's agreement" between FSA and Gravity Dropper. The Montana company took no legal action against FSA, he added.

Gravity Dropper has sold its adjustable-height seatposts since 2003.

Dealers with questions can contact FSA at 425-488-8653.

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