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BPSA completing second round of e-bike staff training videos, featuring celebrity e-bike riders

Published December 6, 2018
Lennard Zinn and Taylor and Davis Phinney featured in new round of videos

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — The BPSA has completed shooting a second round of videos designed to inform and inspire bike shop employees to sell e-bikes. Leveraging the organization's location here, the new videos feature bike celebrities Taylor and Davis Phinney and Lennard Zinn.


BPSA launched its first Charged Up videos in March last year. 

The initial series consisted of 10 two-minute videos that were launched on the Myagi training site and available to all retailers globally. The videos were adopted by several major brands and translated into multiple languages by Shimano and Giant.

Zinn with his own e-bike.

Charged Up 2 presents five more training videos to shop staff and also includes a consumer-facing segment to be offered to retailers through SmartEtailing, as well as a video designed to inform land managers and legislators.

The extension of the program was inspired by Larry Pizzi, who chairs the BPSA's E-Bike committee and is president of Accell North America.

“The three-class system is the backbone of our legislative efforts across all 50 states, to pass laws for equitable treatment of e-bikes,” noted Pizzi. “It’s clearly our responsibility as suppliers to get the three classes integrated in the supply chain, hence retail training on the subject.”

The second focus of Charged Up 2 is to continue to gain acceptance of the category from shop staff. “We’ve seen a positive shift in attitude over the past 18 months,” said Ray Keener, BPSA's executive director and producer/director/scriptwriter for both video series. “You’ll see that clearly in interviews with shop staff.”

Keener was able to line up the Phinneys and Zinn to participate. “Lennard and Davis are particularly compelling: world-class athletes now facing health challenges that make an e-bike a necessary part of their continued enjoyment of the sport,” Keener said.

As in the past program, a rough cut of all seven videos will be shown to a focus group of shop staff to get their feedback before the final edit and the Feb. 1 launch on the Myagi and brand training websites. 

Taylor and Davis Phinney aboard e-bikes.
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