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Priority Bicycles enjoys national exposure in Microsoft ad

Published January 26, 2021

NEW YORK CITY (BRAIN) — A 30-second commercial for Microsoft Teams, which aired for the first time during the Green Bay-Tampa Bay NFL game on Sunday, featured the direct-to-consumer bike brand Priority Bicycles and its founder and CEO David Weiner. The industry veteran couldn't be more pleased.

"It's been fun, many customers and friends have e-mailed and texted," Weiner enthused. "We're not sure if it will impact sales. However as a small company we're hoping it will help drive brand awareness; that's our number-one goal."

Weiner cut his industry teeth at Encina Bicycle Center in Walnut Creek, California. He moved up to a stint at Bike-alog from 1998-2002 and then Giant Bicycle from 2002-2004. He learned from Michael Forte installing Microsoft systems at Giant, then left the industry to start a multi-national software practice implementing Microsoft tech for clients.

Weiner never lost his passion for bikes, so in 2014 he started Priority Bicycles. The name came from his shift in priorities: to spread his love for cycling while also spending more time with his family. Priority creates a hassle-free, everyday bike for recreational riders and sells direct to consumers with home deliveries through Velofix and bike-shop pickups via Beeline.

"We were approached about how we use Microsoft and Teams," Weiner remembered. "We were happy to share our story, Microsoft had their pick of thousands of companies. We were honored! We believe in their systems and they've absolutely helped grow our business."

The campaign includes both 30-second and one-minute spots. Weiner only learned last Friday that the first spot would run during Sunday's game. "We had the chance to tell the story online using the Teams platform, just like we use it every day," Weiner said.

As you can see in the commercial, Priority makes appointments with customers online and initiates video chats to talk people through the buying process and any service needs they have. "Any brick-and-mortar shop could easily add this to their offerings without a lot of investment in dollars or tech," explained Weiner.

Weiner isn't sure how often or for how long the spots will run. "The important thing for the industry is the recognition that bikes are an important part of America's post-COVID future," Weiner concluded. "We believe that 2020 set the new floor for bike buying, and sales will continue to grow both in-store and online."

A screenshot from the Microsoft ad featuring Priority Bicycles.

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