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Bunch Bikes to pitch e-cargo bikes on ABC's Shark Tank

Published March 16, 2021

DENTON, Texas (BRAIN) — Bunch Bikes, a D2C cargo bike brand, will appear on ABC's Shark Tank in an episode that will air March 26.

Bunch Bikes founder and CEO Aaron Powell will pitch his company to the show's "shark" investors. 

"Shark Tank is the realization of a plan I set forth four years ago. I see myself as an ambassador for these family bikes and this lifestyle. This will start the ripple in a pond that's going to become an ocean" Powell said.

"It's a cultural shift," he says. "We're changing all the negative things about a car-dependent lifestyle. I want to see people healthy, fit, and enjoying time with their kids. In the bike, they're upfront where you can see them. You can talk with them. You can stop and engage with the world around you. In a car you wouldn't. You'd just keep going."

Powell launched Bunch Bikes in 2017, inspired in part by personal finance blogger Mr. Money Moustache. 

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