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Rad Power Bikes issues 2 stop-ride notices on some RadWagon 4 e-bikes

Published September 23, 2022

SEATTLE (BRAIN) — Rad Power Bikes has issued two safety notices instructing bike owners to stop riding some of its RadWagon 4 e-bikes because of a misaligned rim strip and a tire quality issue.

The first of two notes dated Aug. 31 detailed the rim strip issue that could lead to the tube blowing out, damaging the tire, and creating a fall hazard.

Rad Power Bikes then followed up with another notice dated Sept. 9 that identified a tire issue on some RadWagon 4 e-bikes that might lead to an increased risk of flats. Depending on the results of the inspection the company is asking owners to conduct, their RadWagon 4 might require replacement parts before it is safe to ride again:

  • If the tire has a "smooth" sidewall, it's not affected by the notice. 
  • If the tire has a "ribbed" sidewall, Rad Power Bikes advises to stop riding immediately. The company will provide parts and service at no cost. If your tires are replaced, it also will inspect and, if necessary, replace the rim strip.

Rad Power Bikes said it will work with customers to schedule service with a bike shop to repair both issues. Rad Power Bikes said it could take two to three months for the replacement parts to arrive.

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