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Next week's virtual Ebike Future Conference boasts 50+ speakers

Published October 3, 2022

(BRAIN) — The fourth annual Ebike Future Conference, an online event, will be held next week and boasts more than 50 speakers, including some well-known names in the U.S. industry.

Speakers will include Adam Micklin, an industry veteran who is director of sales at Accelerated Systems Inc., a Canadian motor controller manufacturer; Don DiCostanzo, CEO and founder of Pedego; Ibrahim Jilani, the director of UL; Ben Morris, the CEO and founder of Coaster Cycles; and Joshua Hon, the founder and team captain at Tern Bicycles; among others.

"Attendees can look forward to learning about new developments, networking with like-minded professionals, and getting inspired by visionary speakers," organizers said.

The event is Oct. 11-13. Sessions include keynotes, presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions. Registered attendees can attend live or get 21- or 365-day replay passes. Daily streaming starts at 3 pm Universal Time (11 a.m. EST).

New this year is a "virtual expo" that consists of virtual booths that will run automatically for 22 days and enable automatic presentations, meeting scheduling, and other features. 

More information:

Here is a partial list of speakers released this week: 

  •  Adam Micklin - Director of Sales - eMobility at Accelerated Systems Inc, Canada
  •  Judith Häberli - Co-Founder and CEO, Urban Connect AG, Switzerland
  •  Bastian Dietz - Director Global Business Development at SQlab, Germany
  •  Mark Yeramian - Co-Founder at Moastio, Canada
  •  Ibrahim Jilani - Global Director & Industry Leader for Consumer Technology at UL Solutions, USA
  •  Nithesh Pushparaj - Co-Founder/ CEO at TAV Systems, Australia
  •  Alex Nesic - Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Drover AI, USA
  •  Stefan Sinnegger - Co-Founder and General Manager at PowUnity, Austria
  •  Ben Morris - CEO and Founder at Coaster Cycles, USA
  •  Jonathon Nunan - Australia's Leading Cycling & Mobility Industries Specialist Market Expert at Better Bike Business, Australia
  •  Susan Gautsch - Founding Owner & CEO of Free To Roam eBiking, USA
  •  Tomi Viiala - Co CEO at MyStromer AG, Switzerland
  •  Ravindra Kempaiah - Founder of Zen Electric Bikes, Canada
  •  Joshua Hon - Founder and Team Captain at Tern Bicycles, Taiwan
  •  Jürgen Sahtel - Partnerships & Project Manager at ATOM Mobility, Latvia
  •  Roland Riedel - Director of Advanced Development at Brose Group, Germany
  •  Rodrigo Oliveira - Founder of Green Mining, Brazil
  •  Reese Brown - President at RDB Events, CCSAA Executive Director, USA
  •  Alex Thusbass - Managing Director at Kiska Munich, Germany
  •  Trey Hahn - Founder of Bicycle User Experience (BUX), Netherlands
  •  Kevin McLaughlin - CEO at Zygg, Canada
  •  Angelos Chatziangelidis - Automotive Engineer Student with Powertrain and Business Management Specialisation, Netherlands
  •  Asif Shakeel - Founder and CEO of Strictly Ebikes, USA
  •  Hans-Peter Kleebinder - Founder of KLEEBINDERnet and Director of Studies Smart Mobility Management at the University of St Gallen, Germany
  •  The Inja - Founder of The Inja and Build Your Dream, USA
  •  Mael Bosson - Co-founder & Director at eBikeLabs, France
  •  Andrew Fleury - Chief Executive Officer at Luna Systems, Ireland
  •  Johny Smith - CMO at Velco, IoT solutions for e-Bikes, France
  •  Stefano Niero - Vehicles Product Manager at Wunder Mobility, Germany
  •  Duilly Cicarini - Founder & CEO at BikeHero, Brazil
  •  Rama Sreenivasan - CEO and Co-founder at Blitzz, USA
  •  Alex Hamberger - Director Of Strategic Accounts at Blitzz, USA
  •  Rahul Malhotra - Head of Group Brand Strategy & Stewardship at Shell, Singapore
  •  Niklas Etzel - Co-Founder of Experify, USA
  •  Aaron Powell - Founder & CEO at Bunch Bikes, USA
  •  Morten Rynning - CEO and founder of CityQ, Norway
  •  Frederic Poppenhäger - Founder of Radiate Engineering & Design AG, Switzerland
  •  David Reed - Founder & CEO at Sustainable Mobility Consulting (SMC), USA
  •  Teet Praks - CEO at Comodule, Estonia
  •  Ali Kazemkhani - Founder and CEO at ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC, Canada
  •  Frank Aldorf - Bike Industry Expert, Germany
  •  Jacques Bonneville - Co-Founder of GAYA Bike, France
  •  Garret Becker - Head of Sales at Kitzuma Cycling Logistics, USA
  •  Tiemen ter Hoeven - Founder & CEO at Roetz-Bikes, Netherlands
  •  Asbjoerk S Mogensen - Chief Executive Officer at BikedeZign, USA
  •  Kellyann Davis - Director of Research for the Outdoor Industry Association, The Outdoor Foundation, and the Cross Country Ski Areas Association
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