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Trek to sell used bikes through its Red Barn Refresh program

Published September 6, 2023

WATERLOO, Wis. (BRAIN) — Despite the marketplace awash with new bike inventory, Trek Bicycle is encouraging cyclists to buy used in the name of sustainability through its new Red Barn Refresh program.

Launched Monday, Trek says the program is the industry's first manufacturer-led bike-certified trade-in and refurbishment program that is at the heart of Trek's circular-economy mission statement. The announcement comes on the heels of its second Sustainability Report.

Citing a GlobalData report last year, Erich Schleicher, Red Barn Refresh's marketing lead, said more than 61% of Americans shop for used retail products, with that number rising to 62% among millennials and Gen Z shoppers. 

"Used products are better for the planet," Schleicher said. "They reduce consumption of new materials by extending the life of still useful products and eliminate the need for the additional resources required to source new materials and make new products. So, when you buy used, you can feel great about the product you just purchased because it's not just good for your pocketbook, it's good for the planet."

All U.S.-based Trek Bicycle Stores are participating, and consumers now can trade their Trek bikes in exchange for in-store credit toward a new bike. Eventually, bikes also will be sourced from participating independent Trek retailers. Supply also will come from Trek employees, demo programs, sponsored cyclists, and race teams. The e-commerce site, where consumers will be able to purchase certified used Treks, will launch later this year.

Red Barn Refresh bikes will come with Trek's limited lifetime guarantee and 30-day unconditional guarantee. Schleicher said all will undergo a 151-point inspection, with repairs and component replacement completed if needed. Bikes up to 10-years-old and valued at $150 or more — as determined by Bicycle Blue Book — will be accepted.

The program also includes Trek e-bikes, with models less than 2-years-old accepted. In addition to the standard inspection, e-bikes undergo full system diagnostic testing, including battery assessment and firmware updating, Schleicher said.

The name of the program is a reflection of Trek’s heritage, he said. Trek was founded in 1976 in a small red barn in Waterloo.

“It’s where our mission to change the world by getting more people on bikes began, and now we return to that same building to carry that legacy into the future.”

All Red Barn Refresh bikes will be processed, packaged, and shipped to customers from the original location, Schleicher said.

Trek has offered a trade-in program in the past, but Red Barn Refresh is an extension of that by accepting older and less expensive models. Non-Trek bikes are accepted through its Bicycle Blue Book partnership.

Red Barn Refresh is "aimed at getting more people on bikes in the most responsible way possible," Schleicher said. "As sustainability has become a primary focus of Trek, the decision was made to enter the circular economy through the launch of Red Barn Refresh. For Trek, it's important we do our part to conduct business in a way that's better for the planet where we live and ride."

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