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Shimano North American distributing Motorex products

Published April 18, 2024

MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) — Motorex lubricants and cleaning products are on display at the Shimano booth at the Sea Otter Classic this week as Shimano North American begins distributing the line to North American retailers. 

Motorex, based in Switzerland, offersw chain lubricants, an array of cleaning and care products, greases, sprays and a full range of fork oils, including products in workshop-size quantities.

In a company release, Lawrence Losinsky, Shimano's senior manager for OTC hard good sales, said, "Shimano North America is excited to partner with Motorex as a distributor of their bike line in North America. They have over 100 years of experience bringing outstanding products to market, including bike-specific options like cleaners, lubricants, and other bike care products. By joining forces with Motorex, Shimano North America aims to enhance our maintenance and care product offerings and will carry a comprehensive selection of Motorex line to meet the needs of cyclists and enthusiasts across North America."

Andreas Vetter, Motorwex's director of powersports, said, "The cooperation with Shimano North America Bike is a real milestone for the MOTOREX BIKE LINE in the North America. In Europe we have, with Shimano Europe and the Paul Lange Group, a very well-functioning sales cooperation between our two premium brands and this step is therefore the logical next step in the US and Canadian markets, both of which are very important for us."

Shimano North America Bicycle Inc. signed a distribution agreement with MOTOREX in February 2024, distribution of MOTOREX products, which have already been shipped to Shimano's two US warehouses, starts on April 18. Interested dealers should contact their Shimano sales rep for further details.

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