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Schwinn Joins ETRA

Published October 16, 2007

MADISON, WI (BRAIN)—Some members of the European Parliament will be cycling around during European Mobility Week in mid-September on Schwinn electric bikes.

Schwinn Bicycles has joined the European Two-wheel Retailers’ Association (ETRA) to support the organization’s causes of promoting cycling and lobbying for cycling-related issues, including infrastructure, road safety, public health, taxation and the environment. And one of its first moves as a member was to offer bikes to Parliament.

“Schwinn is very pleased to join ETRA and we’re excited to be a part of the organization’s efforts to demonstrate the viability of electric bicycles as sustainable, clean vehicle transport to European policy makers,” said Jeff Weiss, Schwinn’s director of international sales.

From September 16 - 22, ETRA is organizing promotional events aimed at showing Parliament the potential of electric bicycles in establishing sustainable transport. Schwinn will provide a variety of electric bicycles from its current European line for ETRA to use for its European Mobility Week events.

The European Union hosts European Mobility Week each September. The 2007 theme is “Streets for People,” focused on encouraging local authorities to reallocate road space to non-motorized traffic. —Matt Wiebe

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