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Argon 18 Adds New French Distributor

Published May 13, 2011

MONTREAL (BRAIN)—Quebec’s Argon 18 has signed on ESM Sport as its new distribution partner in France.

As of September 2011, the full line of new Argon 18 products will be available from ESM Sport. The line debuts Sept. 16-19 at the Paris Bike Show.

“I am thrilled that we now have the right distribution partner for such a strategic bike racing territory as France. After some distributor turn-over in France, we took the time to investigate the options, talk to folks entrenched in the French market and really focus on finding the company that best exemplified what is Argon 18; passionate riders providing quality service to the racing bike community,” said Jeff Hammond, director of international sales for Argon 18.

“Mike Wilson and his team share these corporate and lifestyle values-they work hard, ride hard, provide top quality products and their customers respect them enough to come back time and again with new business.”

ESM Sport specializes in high performance sports products and carries brands such as Assos and Rudy Project.

Along with France, ESM Sport will be responsible for France’s overseas departments in Andorra and Portugal.

ESM Sport will honor all valid warranties from any Argon 18 products from French customers, including those that precede the new agreement.

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