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New 'high-end' bike show planned for Beijing

Published December 14, 2011

BEIJING, China (BRAIN)—A new industry show is scheduled next March in Beijing to help a handful of bike brands tap into the emerging high-end Chinese market.

Beijing Bike Week is organized by Serk Cycling, a marketing, brand development, distribution and events firm in China. The inaugural four-day show combines an exhibition, brand presentations, dealer meetings, consumer research sessions and a Goldsprint party. Open to dealers and consumers, the exhibition will be held in a high-end downtown Beijing mall known to attract wealthy consumers, and limited to just 10 exhibitors.

According to Serk, China is the second largest destination for luxury goods, and estimated to be the largest within five years. Beijing is the center of China’s wealth, and is the ideal place for brands to develop a presence in China as consumer buying power has reached levels required to purchase recreational bikes.

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Beijing Bike Week from Serk Cycling on Vimeo.


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