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Schwalbe expands Jakarta plant

Published May 22, 2012

JAKARTA, Indonesia (BRAIN) Tuesday May 22 2012 9:05 AM MT—Schwalbe has expanded its factory in Indonesia and is now producing its own tubulars at the 80,000-square-meter (861,000-square-foot) plant in Jakarta.

Over the past several years, Schwalbe has doubled the size of the factory and integrated new processes such as tubular tire production and production of bead core. Now nearly all its products are made in-house, lessening the company’s reliance on suppliers and allowing it to better cope with demand.

“Whatever is named Schwalbe on the outside contains 100 percent Schwalbe on the inside,” said Holger Jahn, Schwalbe’s technical director. “We are now bringing all production stages together under one roof, have short distances to cover, are more independent of sub-suppliers and have full control over each individual product.”

About 3,500 employees manufacture more than 1 million tubulars and tires per month at the Jakarta factory, which is a partnership between Schwalbe and Korean-owned tire manufacturer Hung-a Co.

The tubular production facility has been reworked so that tubulars can be produced in permanently installed production lines to ensure uniform quality and appearance. Schwalbe also doubled the capacity in its high-end section where the Evolution and other folding tires are produced.

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