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Praxis Works cassette offers 10-speed 1-by in simple package

Published March 18, 2015

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — Praxis Works’ Adam Haverstock believes you shouldn’t have to cut a fat check to SRAM or Shimano or Frankenstein your existing 10-speed mountain drivetrain to get a wide-range 1-by setup.

Aftermarket 40 and 42T cassette cogs lowered the barrier to entry for wide-range 1-by, but those setups often created a “weird hiccup” in shifting at the middle of the cassette due to the removal of an interior cog to make way for the cassette's new addition, he said. “They missed the mark in execution,” according to Haverstock. And after shelling out $100 for a cog, some consumers find they need an expander derailleur cage to accommodate it. Add in the cost of an XT-level cassette and the total investment can easily hit $200.

Enter Praxis Works, which is showing its new 11-40T wide-range 10-speed cassette at this week’s Taipei Cycle show. The cassette can be used with consumers’ existing 10-speed wheel set, and features steel cogs from 10-28T and T6 aluminum 34- and 40-tooth cogs. It’s compatible with all SRAM and Shimano mid- or long-cage derailleurs, and should be available this summer for $129.99. All of Praxis Works’ current distributors will have access to the product, said Haverstock, adding that he also had three OEM inquiries on the cassettes within the first three hours of the show.

While Haverstock acknowledges that going beyond a 36-tooth cog does void the warranty on current 10-speed derailleurs, Praxis Works opted to go with a 40-tooth max cog to ward against taking derailleurs too far out of their comfort zone and to maintain “the integrity of the shift.”

The new cassettes can also be paired with Praxis Works’ narrow-wide chainrings, which debuted at last year’s Taipei show. They come in even tooth counts from 30-38T and retail for $50-$75.


Praxis Works’ 10-40T 10-speed cassette will retail for $129.99.
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