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CatEye launches nightime street art campaign in major cities

Published April 29, 2016

OSAKA, Japan (BRAIN) — CateEye is promoting a street art campaign that gathers local artists to curate and assemble self-guided routes through the selected city's most impressive street art at night. The artists use CatEye lights to illuminate and record each stop.

Denver, Colorado, was the first tour to launch and will be followed soon by London, England.

"CatEye lights can bring a new and vibrant perspective to street art within any urban nightscape, but they're also instrumental to staying safe while riding any road, day or night," said Jayson Goh, CatEye's global marketing manager. "They don't just light your way, they help ensure that you're always clearly visible to drivers and other cyclists alike. So whether you're heading out to check out the latest mural from your favorite street artist, or simply burning some calories on an afternoon ride, always be sure to have the proper lighting to be seen from any perspective."

More information on or on CatEye's social media channels. 

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