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Major German retailer switches from Specialized to Giant

Published May 27, 2022

MUNICH (BRAIN) — Alpha Bikes, which has operated a Specialized concept store here since 2008, is switching to Giant bikes at the store in July. The retailer said Specialized's new consumer-direct strategy led to the change.

"After 24 years of working together, we are now parting ways," said owners Gerhard Wagner and Daniel Ciasto in a release this week, translated from German by Google Translate and edited for clarity by BRAIN (German language release attached). The business dates to 1992. The Munich location is likely the first Specialized concept store in Germany and remained one of the largest Specialized outlets in the country.

“The industry has changed rapidly in recent years. We try to always be one step ahead. That has always distinguished us," the owners said. "We have our position on the market through our competence and our high standards achieved. Our customers know that at all times they come to us with requests and service issues. That defines us as a company. And that's exactly what we're seeing now Specialized no longer guarantees."

“The change in direction at Specialized has had a not inconsiderable impact on the specialist trade. We see ourselves as the most important link between brands and customers - a role created by the restructuring at Specialized is restricted. Our business is becoming more unpredictable, availability more unpredictable."

In July the store will begin carrying Giant, Liv and Cadex. "The Giant Group started quite small and has remained true to its vision to this day: The best and to develop the most innovative products to fuel the passion for cycling awaken - affordable for everyone and accessible to everyone. A vision that we absolutely share Alpha Bikes."

The owners said a new Giant Store Munich will open in March 2023 at the same location. 

Photo courtesy of Alpha Bikes.

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