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Cane Creek offers techs a headset poster

Published May 14, 2012

FLETCHER, NC (BRAIN) Monday May 14 2012 12:47 PM MT—Cane Creek is offering dealers a free poster to help mechanics understand and make use of a standardized headset measuring system.

Since 2010, Cane Creek has been working on the system with Acros, Hope, Race Face, Reset and Ritchey.

The Standardized Headset Identification System incorporates four interface dimensions required to fit a fork to a frame, as well as noting bearing location and cup type. 

The new poster is titled, “Get Your SHIS Straight” and walks the reader through a three-step process to determine the proper configuration of headset needed and provides tables of all the available standards.

“The basic fit of any headset/frame/fork combination can be boiled down to four simple diameter measurements that are widely accepted in the industry. We developed this poster to provide mechanics with these standards at their finger tips and minimize the confusion that often surrounds modern headset systems," said Jim Morrison, a Cane Creek engineer and one of the architects of the S.H.I.S. 

A pdf of the poster is available for download. To receive a print, email your request to To learn more about S.H.I.S. and to view specific examples and illustrations, visit

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