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Campy offers new triples, wider range gearing

Published May 16, 2012

VICENZA, Italy (BRAIN) Wednesday May 16 2012 9:26 AM MT—Campagolo will be offering wider range gearing in some of its groups, including options for its top-end 11-speed electric groups and for its lower priced 10-speed groups.

At the high-end, the Italian maker will offer two new 11-speed carbon cranks with 36/52 chainring combinations, giving the low ring of a compact crank with a larger big ring than most compact setups.

These cranks will be available for the Super Record, Record, Chorus and Athena Carbon 11-speed groups. The Super Record and Record cranks are compatible with Campy's EPS electronic drivetrain.

For the lower-end groups, Athena, Centaur and Veloce, Campy will offer hollow aluminum triple cranksets. The company claims the cranks have the lowest q-factors (distance between pedals) in their class. The cranks are available in 30-39-50 and 30-39-52 combinations in 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths. The Athena triple is intended for 11-speed drivetrains and the others are intended for 10-speeds.

Campy will also make longer cage options for its rear derailleurs to accommodate the wider range drivetrains. In the Athena, Centaur and Veloce lines, rear derailleurs are now available in four different cage lengths.

Finally, Campy will offer wider ranged 10-speed cassettes in its Centaur group. The cassettes will be available in 12-27 and 12-30 combinations and have updated geometry and surface treatment said to improve shifting, quietness and durability.

The company did not offer details on pricing or availability of the new parts.

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